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a new way to do notices

•A survey held over several weeks in September at both services and this article presents the outcome and changes made. Responses roughly parallel the age of our attending congregation.

•We asked

How do you receive your Church notices?

How would you like to receive notices? as a result we received 13 new email addresses

What do you look for in the notices?

Do you use the Church website?.

•Not surprisingly the younger age groups preferred electronic means, either the web or via email.

But we were surprised how many people use the Sunday overhead and the paper copy, Email receipt is similar across age groups.

Use of OHP and paper increases with age. Oldest age grouping is almost entirely dependant on OHP and paper

49/90 use OHP. (54%)

23 use OHP as only method (25%)

Our methods were presented with pros and cons for each.



Stores all information, and more

Links to other relevant sites

Central resource


Difficult to keep up to date

Difficult to navigate

next piece of work for Comms Team



Easy to access

Automatically received once signed up.


Too much information.

Really just looking for relevant or new items



Something to look at while waiting for service

Colourful, attractive and informative


Quick turnaroundof slides

Too much information

Often settling for service and chatting.

Sometimes takes a lot of preparation



Easy to look at again and again through the week.

Goes into the home where others may read it.


Uses paper


•What are you looking for in the notices?

We are introducing a new way to do notices. All submitters will now be required to submit their notices directly through the website.

This will be password protected and will be edited as necessary before going live.

  • Advantages

easier, esp for office staff

Coherent appearance

  • Disadvantage

not possible if you don’t have internet. The Comms team considered this and felt this was a low risk, and you can still have notices accepted as before if you can’t do it this way.

•The Website.

64% those who replied do not use the church’s website.

We asked if you don’t use the web , why not?

60% did not give us a reason

Reasons given included

Don’t feel need to.

Get information I need elsewhere.

Only 5 said they did not use the web due to no computer access.

Website fairly static.. No need to return after initial visit.

Might check something I heard elsewhere.

Not got anything I am looking for.

•Use of websites has changed since ours was built. Next project for Comms team.

•And a few other things as well.

•Facebook- active page updated weekly.

•Church as part of community

•Inspiration , prayer, worship

•Pens as mission. Donation if you wish. Please regard these as a missional tool as well as a writing implement.

•Seminar 3 speakers. Open invite to all- NO charge but please sign up in coffee lounge so we have an idea of numbers.


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