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Kenya Connection

In the late 1990s Rev John Carrie spent 3 months on sabbatical in Kenya and fell in love with the people and the place. Seeds had already been sown when Tom and Gwenneth Williamson had made a connection with Chogoria, about 100 miles north of Nairobi, through their son Scott who was there as part of his medical training.

John brought back to Queensferry his beguiling enthusiasm and renewed pastoral spirituality and through his encouragement Peter Freeland led a group of Queensferry scouts to Chogoria in 2005, followed by a further visit in 2008.

When John Carrie passed away in 2008 the John Carrie Memorial Fund sponsored three teachers through their training.

A congregational visit in 2011 developed the relationship, and connections since have continued through Skype links in 2013 to a Communion service, and frequent links and messages during the Christmas season.

This period of active association was made possible by the enthusiasm and vision of David Mbae, headmaster of Chogoria Primary school, now retired, Church elder, and all round amazing gentleman, touched by the grace of God.

The Church at Chogoria is one of 5 parishes in the local Presbytery, part of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA ).

The Church, Primary school and Hospital exist as a complex, under PCEA. The hospital was founded in 1922 by Scottish missionaries and transferred to PCEA in 1953. This association has resulted in long established links with Scotland, and Edinburgh in particular, and there is still a regular flow of students ,funds, ideas, and inspiration.

There are 3 main schools as part of the complex. A primary school and 2 secondary boarding schools, one for girls and one for boys.

Echline Primary and Currie High Schools are linked with the Primary school David Cameron addressed the girls school assembly during the 2011 visit.

The hospital has 295 beds and 460 staff and is the main referral centre for the Kenyan Eastern Region, providing quality specialized health care and training. Priorities include HIV clinics and teaching in hygiene and anti-malarial practices.

Some of the weekly offering from the Church is dedicated to the hospital and the hospital board reports to the PCEA. As a “mission” hospital, it has the reputation for better care than the Government hospitals, although it is chronically underfunded. If patients are unable to pay, debts are often written off.


The Scout visits of 2005 and 2008 involved some 30 scouts, boys and girls, aged between 12 and 17, and several different leaders and parents.

As well as visiting local primary and secondary schools, teaching in the hospital and painting dormitories in the boarding school, preparatory fund-raising allowed the groups to pay for the repainting of classrooms in the main primary school, repairing the water tank for the school, buying a generator for Kiamuriuki School, and various other smaller projects.

In 2008, 10 second-hand laptops were taken out, set up and gifted to the schools. Gifts of school and medical equipment were also taken.

The 2008 expedition also ‘helped to build ‘ the new Church, and in 2011 the ‘Chogoria twelve’ returned for the official opening of this new building and presented an oak cross, hand made in Dalmeny joinery from refurbished Church pews.

Both Scout groups successfully climbed Mount Kenya, which at just under 17,000ft is the 10th highest mountain in the world.

The current Scout group no longer has an active link but the Kenyan flag continues to take pride of place with the Scottish Saltire on the wall of the scout hall.


QPC continues to have a link with Chogoria by prayer and news sent through individuals and shared across the congregation to those most interested.








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