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Banners made in Our Congregation

All banner making begins with paper. First we study texts on central themes in the Bible. Even our youngest children take part in the discussions.

Simple drawings are then shared helping decisions about the final banner layout. Lettering and enlarged drawings can then be cut out using paper so that we can see what the banner will look like at its full size. The positioning of particular words in the text can provide added impact. It is only at this point that we begin to work with material.

Banner making is not a solitary activity – team communication plays a vital part throughout the process of depicting a text as a picture.

Within each of our banners you will find several themes. Feel free to make your own interpretation of what you see.

  1. Millennium - a set of ten banners made for the Millennium celebrations.
  2. Christmas - eight banners used at Christmas time.
  3. Seed Time and Harvest - eight banners for “World Harvest” throughout the year.
  4. I AM - a set of four banners made to illustrate Jesus’ sayings “I am ...”.
  5. Action - a set of eight banners depicting actions like dancing, running, leaping etc.
  6. Trade Justice - banners made to remind us of our stewardship of the world’s resources.
  7. Wedding - a wedding banner made to celebrate this special event.
  8. Eco Congregation - a set of four banners made to celebrate that we are a registered Eco Congregation.
  9. Bunting - small banners made by every group in our church for the National Gathering, a Church Without Walls event at Ingliston in 2008.